Snow Monkey / Shibu Onsen

Only 30 minutes from Shiga Kogen is the world famous snow monkey park. This is the only place in the world where you can see monkeys taking in the natural hot springs.

Right next to the snow monkey park is Shibu Onsen. Shibu Onsen provides the amazing experience of walking down the narrow streets of an old, traditional town with more onsens (hot springs) than you can imagine! Take advantage of the opportunity to mix up your ski holiday with some local cultural pastimes.

Snow Shoeing

Experience the scenic area surrounding Okushiga Kogen Hotel on snowshoes! See the great outdoors and gaze upon the gorgeous natural beauty of the region while snowshoeing through the pristine snow the region enjoys in our winter months. Snowshoe rental equipment is available right in the lobby of the hotel. Please call the Center House or front desk for rentals.


Let the inner child in you take advantage of the incredible amount of powdery snow this region sees every winter by getting outside for some sledding! The mountainous region of the area provides countless ideal hills and slopes to get out and enjoy this timeless winter activity. Sledding is a great activity for everyone to enjoy, whether you do so with a partner, group, or family. Sleds can be picked up at Centre House at Okushiga Ski Resort.